What should you pay attention to when soldering PCBA?

1) Before using the soldering iron, check whether the voltage used matches the nominal voltage of the soldering iron.

2) If necessary, the soldering iron should be grounded. The grounding of the soldering iron is to prevent an electric shock when the soldering iron leaks. The second is to prevent the breakdown of these components by inductive electricity when soldering integrated circuits and semiconductor devices. For example, the soldering iron for soldering electronic components now uses a 20W internal heat soldering iron, and inside is a ceramic core with high insulation and distribution. The capacitor is small, and the ground wire is not required for general use. Only when installing, soldering field-effect transistors, CMOS integrated circuits and other high-resistance components, in order to prevent components from being damaged by static electricity or inductive breakdown, the soldering iron should be connected to a good ground wire. If there is no ground wire, the soldering iron power plug should be unplugged before soldering such components.

3) After the electric iron is energized, it is not allowed to knock, disassemble and install the electric heating parts.

4) The soldering iron should be kept dry and should not be used in excessively humid or rainy environments.

5) When removing the electric iron tip, be sure to turn off the power to prevent electric shock.

6) After turning off the power, use a layer of tin on the soldering iron head to protect the soldering iron tip.

7) When there is a black oxide layer on the tip, it can be wiped off with an abrasive cloth, then energized, and immediately applied to the tin.

8) Sponge can be used to collect tin slag and tin beads. When the sponge is held by hand, it is better to not have water.

9) Do “5S” before welding and “5S” after welding.

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