Precautions when using solder paste

(1) solder paste "hung" After trying to let it in "warm" and not forced heating.

(2) Stir the solder paste that has been “returned” before use.

When mixing manually, use a metal crucible for solder paste until it is evenly mixed. When using the machine to stir, pay attention to the mixing time, the time should be appropriate, excessive stirring will lead to the viscosity of the solder paste falling, the temperature rises, the solder powder reacts with the flux, affecting the quality of the solder paste. The mixing time varies depending on the stirring device and the time is different.

(3) The viscosity of the solder paste changes according to temperature and humidity. The temperature rises and the viscosity decreases. As the humidity increases, the solder paste absorbs moisture and affects the quality.

(4) When the solder paste after opening is used multiple times, it must be sufficient to determine whether the quality has changed. Since the used solder paste after re-opening is used again, it is not within the warranty range.

(5) Do not rub the solder paste when using it; avoid direct contact between the solder paste and the skin. When you accidentally stick it, you can wipe it with a dry tissue, an alcohol cotton cloth, and then carefully wash it with soap.

(6) The solder paste contains flammable solvents. Keep away from fire and avoid fire.

(7) Gas installations must be installed in the workshop where solder paste is used, and fresh air is often introduced.

(8) When reflow soldering, exhaust gas is generated by decomposition of a solvent or the like in the solder paste, and a local exhaust device must be installed.

(9) Different types of solder paste cannot be mixed.

(10) Do not mix the cleaning liquid used to clean the circuit board, template, etc. into the solder paste.

(11) Dispose of solder paste in strict accordance with relevant regulations.

(12) In the case of relatively long-term printing, the flux in the solder paste will volatilize, which will affect the stripping performance of the solder paste during printing. Therefore, the container for storing the solder paste cannot be reused, and the printed stencil is printed. The remaining solder paste is stored in other clean containers. When it is used again, check whether the remaining solder paste is agglomerated or solidified. If it is too dry, add the solder paste supplied by the supplier. After the agent is diluted, use it again. In addition, the printed substrate should be finished in one day.

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