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What are the characteristics of electrolytic capacitors in smt processing?

1. Since the tantalum electrolytic capacitor in the SMT processing plant is sintered into a porous positive electrode using finely divided powder, the volumetric capacitance is particularly large, and the dielectric constant of the tantalum oxide film is larger than the dielectric constant of the aluminum oxide film. Under the same working voltage and capacitance, the volume of the tantalum electrolytic capacitor is much smaller than that of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

2. The temperature range is wide. Generally, tantalum electrolytic capacitors can work in a temperature range of -40 ° C to 85 ° C, and some can still work normally at 155 ° C.

3. The leakage current is very small, the loss is relatively low, the insulation resistance is large, and the frequency characteristics are good.

4, the capacity of the capacitor is large, the service life is longer, and it can be made into ultra-small components, which is very convenient.

5. Due to the stable chemical properties of the antimony oxide film and the acid and alkali resistance, the group electrolytic capacitors have stable performance and can maintain very good electrical properties for a long time.

6. Since the tantalum electrolytic capacitors in the SMT processing plant are made of base metal materials, plus some reasons for the process, the cost is relatively high and the natural price is more expensive.

7. Tantalum electrolytic capacitor is a kind of capacitor with polarity and low working withstand voltage.

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