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Chip active device in SMT surface assembly

In order to adapt to the development of SMT, various semiconductor components, including diodes, transistors, FETs in discrete components, small-scale, medium-scale, large-scale, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, and even large-scale integrated circuits and various Semiconductor components, such as gas sensitive, color sensitive, pressure sensitive, magnetic sensitive and ionic sensitive components, are rapidly accelerating to the surface and becoming a new surface mount component (SMD).

The emergence of SMD is of great significance to promote the further development of SMT. This is because SMD's small size makes it easy to achieve high-density mounting; precision braided packaging is suitable for high-efficiency automated installation; SMD's electronic equipment is small, lightweight, performance is improved, and overall machine reliability is improved Production costs are reduced. SMD has the same functionality as traditional SIP and DIP components, but with different package architectures.

SMT surface mount technology offers more active package types than through-hole technology. For example, in DIP, there are only three main body sizes: 300 mil, 400 mil, and 600 mil with a center-to-center spacing of 100 mils. The package size and pin structure of the ceramic process package and the plastic process package are the same in discrete components. In contrast, surface assembly is much more complicated.

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