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What is the hierarchical circuit diagram?

For smt board designers, if you want to design a simple pcb board, you can draw with a single schematic, and the design of a large-scale pcb board requires a hierarchical circuit design. Many readers don't understand what is a hierarchical schematic. What is the difference between a hierarchical schematic and a single schematic?

The design method of the hierarchical schematic is to divide the whole project into several schematics to express. In order for multiple sub-schematics to be combined to represent the same design project, a certain connection must be established for this sub-schematic. The mother diagram of the hierarchical schematic is a schematic for expressing relationships between graphs.

As the mother diagram of the hierarchical schematic diagram, it can be seen from the figure that in addition to the various electrical connection symbols used in the single schematic diagrams including wires, buses, bus branch lines, etc., there are also square circuits and squares. Symbols for special hierarchical schematic designs such as circuit ports. A block circuit symbol represents a sub-schematic, a port on a block circuit that represents the sub-schematic and other sub-schematic connections. Each block circuit is connected by wires and buses to form a complete system diagram.

There are two ways to achieve hierarchical schematic design: top-down and bottom-up. The top-down design approach requires the user to have a deeper understanding of the system before drawing the schematic, while the bottom-up approach is for users who are not familiar with the entire design.

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