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Memory is the embodiment of compression! [Adobe CS4 and 64-bit systems]

In order to test the compatibility of Adobe CS4 for AVCHD, I created a simple project directory 4 minutes ago. The Dongguan computer motherboard processed the overlap of 2 picture-in-picture with simple rendering and color matching. Dongguan circuit board processing I have 2 8-core machines here: Windows workstation, 2.83GHz plus 3G memory HP xw6600 running Windows XP 32bit, Dongguan Bluetooth processing and a 3.2GHz plus 8G memory Mac running OS X 10.5. 5. On a Windows workstation, it took 68 minutes to output the Blu-ray compatible MPEG-2 format, while the Mac was 11 minutes.

Originally, I thought that there would be a gap of about 15% due to the difference in frequency, but 6 times? I sent this result to Adobe Consulting. The following is a reply:

"Rendering AVCHD has always value CPU and memory, and most of the time depends on memory. When the system wants to store memory data When swapping with a disk, performance is significantly reduced. This is why we recommend CS4 for 64-bit systems this time. We split the program into several processes so that they can use more memory, far beyond the limitations of ordinary 32-bit programs. Simply put, the 8G memory on the Mac allows you to access virtual memory as much as possible. ”

To be honest, this is my first time to hear that CS4 is still related to 64, or I may not read the promotional materials carefully. Anyway, I haven't paid attention to the 64-bit aspect for a long time. Perhaps you will mention my previous NAB 2008 blog - Sony Media Software finally released the 64-bit version of Vegas in September 2008. However, I don't use Vegas very much, so I didn't interest me. The motherboard processing plus I have never been struggling on the 32-bit system.

On Apple's website I quickly saw that OS X is 64-bit, and I can't help but think of Adobe's recommendation for running CS4 on 64-bit systems. I contacted HP, they borrowed a xw8600, 3.33GHz 8 core CPU, plus 16GB of RAM, running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. I only tested it once before the deadline, but Bluetooth processing in Dongguan is still very unexpected. In the same AVCHD test, the 64-bit xw8600 rendering took only 8 minutes and 58 seconds. I can't help but say that Windows, which is already 32 bit faster, is not a little bit.

Here are the recommended topics for this month. The first one is just a primer: the performance of CS4 reflects the value of 64 bits. After the computer motherboard processing in Dongguan, I have time to thoroughly test what kind of workflow can really benefit from 64-bit computing. I hope that my editors will continue to update this column next year (all in December). You will see it within 2 weeks. Ok, take the handle and sit up and take a good look.

What is the 64-bit operation?

There are many differences between 32-bit and 64-bit processors, but the most important thing for a program is that the processor can use different memory sizes. 32-bit processors can use 232 bytes, which is 4GB of memory after cost-effective, which is why you can only see up to 4GB of memory on most 32-bit Windows, and some are still occupied by the system. The 64-bit processor can use 264 bytes, which is 16 billion GB after conversion, and is limited to 128 GB in Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate.

To run in 64-bit mode, you need a 64-bit processor plus a 64-bit system for Dongguan mouse processing. The original X86-64 architecture for motherboard processing was developed by AMD and used by Intel in its Core 2 and later processors. Microsoft also provided 64-bit XP and Vista early on, and Apple also made 64-bit in the Leopard version after Tiger.

Don't forget that 32-bit programs can run on 64-bit systems, but still only use up to 4GB of memory. The 64-bit program can theoretically use the maximum amount of memory the system can support.

Use 64-bit Windows

There are several ways to get 64-bit Windows: First, you can upgrade your existing system directly, as long as it has a 64-bit processor. But while 32-bit programs can run on 64-bit systems, you still need 64-bit drivers, including your graphics card, disk, DVD burner, and other hardware. Otherwise, you can't use these. In addition, Dongguan computer motherboard processing if you do not have at least 8GB of memory, then it may not be obvious 64-bit advantage.

Another way is of course to buy a brand new 64-bit system. In this case, it's obvious that all the drivers are 64-bit, and you can add more memory, which is useless when 32-bit.

What is the situation with CS4?

In a news report on November 20, 2008, Adobe announced version 4.0.1 of CS4 and explained the following improvements:

"Better performance and faster response, fully support 64-bit platform, improve the speed of post-production. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.1 is designed to benefit from more memory utilization on 64-bit systems.

I copied this paragraph into the email and added a "has this thing?" at the end, and then sent it to my public relations friend in Adobe (and their agent). In fact, I did ask one or two related questions. Here is the Q&A response from Giles Baker, Director of Premiere Pro products:

Q: How does CS4 benefit from a 64-bit system compared to a 32-bit system?

A: CS4 is a version in both systems, but the new architecture allows software to use more memory in 64-bit systems. Our approach to motherboard processing is to split the program into multiple processes. Motherboard processing Although each execution process is 32-bit (to ensure compatibility under 32-bit systems), Dongguan mouse processing can use up to 4GB of memory each, but add up to a larger amount.

For example, Premiere Pro runs on four separate processes. Although Adobe Media Encoder has only one process by default, it will decide how many processes to add based on the data source to be converted. With After Effects' Dynamic Link compositing, it will provide 桢 data for its composition through a dynamic linking process that is independent of After Effects itself. Encore also uses a similar approach to separate processes.

Q: What special content do I need to download for CS4 users with 64-bit Windows?

A: Consumers don't have to download anything special, whether it's Windows or Mac.

Q: What changes have been made to the 64 version of version 4.0.1?

A: 4.0.1 has improved performance in many ways, especially in playback and rendering. Most of the improvements in Dongguan computer motherboard processing are based on the new architecture we developed in version 4.0. There is no architectural change between 4.0 and 4.0.1.

Q: What kind of engineering can benefit from a 64-bit system? What benefits can you get?

A: You can consider the following workflow:

Synthesized with After Effects

Edit the synthesized content of After Effects in Premiere Pro and edit the timeline via Dynamic Link

Edit HD content with Premiere Pro

Encoding Premiere Pro sequences in the background with Adobe Media Encoder

Burning the output of Dynamic Link in Premiere Pro to Blu-ray disc with Encore

This will add about 10 processes, each of which can access up to 4GB of memory. It means that you will enjoy a lot of compatibility in complex workflows.

In terms of performance improvement: Dongguan circuit board processing consumers do not spend a lot of time switching between programs, waiting for memory and disk data exchange, and because there is more memory available for buffering, so that it can be cached when playing. Play longer when the memory is full. This allows for smoother interactions during editing, especially for HD content.

Of course, this is a very extreme workflow state, but we often talk to consumers. Dongguan computer motherboard processing Even when editing the content in the Premiere Pro timeline is not very complicated, we can still use more memory than the 32-bit system, so that when the size is increased and the content is more complicated, it can still be more convenient.

Test multiple projects. In general, I have to build a test project on a 32-bit system. After that, the project files are transferred to a 64-bit system, and then run and record memory usage, CPU utilization, and encoding time.

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