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Sony upgrades SRW-9000 SR camcorder to 35 MM imaging and PL lens mount

Las Vegas (NAB C11001 platform) April 11, 2010 - Sony introduced a new high-end acquisition system - CineAlta? series: Dongguan computer motherboard processing SRW-9000PL camcorder. This new model further enhances the performance of the previously introduced SRW-9000, adding a 35mm imager and PL lens mount, adding flexibility to the camera, giving photographers a wide selection of image creation tools. Sony Electronics' Marchitelli said: "In the field of motion pictures and mainstream TV production, the demand for digital shooting with 35mm imagers is growing, and the F35 camera has achieved great success in both aspects. The new model S35mm single film The CCD imager and PL lens mount are the same as the F35 camera. It combines the SR performance of the 9000 model with the high-end optical performance of the F35, making digital production extremely powerful. With this tool, people can Make any desired effect."

The SRW-9000PL offers full RGB image capture (achromatic sub-sampling), Dongguan computer motherboards for extremely wide dynamic range of 12T steps, variable speed, S-Log and super gamma capability. This camcorder can record 4:2:2 10 bits using 1080/23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF and 1080/50i, 59.94i formats, and use 4:2:2 1080/50P recording function as The standard configuration.

A variety of optional boards developed specifically for the SRW-9000 (2/3-inch version) can also be used on the SRW-9000PL (S35mm version) camcorder to increase shooting performance and functionality.

Dual-link HD-SDI output and additional AUX input ports can be added using the HKSR-9001 HD-SDI expansion board, which can be used as an HD-SDI audio input port to provide connectivity to external audio multiplexing devices Sex. This allows the user to load up to 12 channels of audio on the HD-SDI input port. The latest HKSR-9001 firmware version also offers 3G HD-SDI output capability.

The HKSR-9002 Image Cache Board allows the camcorder to capture and record images at a variable speed of 1-50 fps (SR MotionTM function). When this optional board is installed, the camcorder can continuously record up to three seconds of content while in standby mode. After pressing the record button, the stored lower screen will be recorded on the HDCAM SR tape, and the Dongguan circuit board processing board will process the camcorder and start continuous recording in real time.

With the HKSR-9003 RGB 4:4:4 processor board, the camcorder provides full bandwidth digital 4:4:4 high resolution RGB recording and output capability. This optional board also provides S-LOG gamma, also known as the “Digital Negative” feature, which allows users to evaluate the captured picture in the same post-production process as the movie-like workflow.

Both the SRW-9000 and SRW-9000PL camcorders can be upgraded to Sony's next-generation high-speed storage recording system using an upgrade path. Dongguan computer motherboard processing In addition, Dongguan circuit board processing Sony will also provide 35mm upgrade components (HKSR-90PL) for the SRW-9000 2/3-inch imaging system.

SRW-9000PL camcorder and HKSR-90PL are scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2010

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