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Talking about the Ways of Expanding Production by Using SMT Products

As the fourth generation of electronic assembly technology, SMT has effectively promoted the development of electronic products with many functions, excellent performance, high reliability, light weight, small size and thin, and low price. In the 21st century, only SMT's electronic products or scientific research results can be used to achieve more advanced competitiveness.

When new product development and trial production is successful, if the market demand for this product is promising in the process of market introduction, it is necessary to rapidly expand production, seize business opportunities, and enter and occupy the market at the fastest speed. To get the most profit and a lucrative economic return.

For the products using SMT, starting from the current situation of China's current SMT industry, we believe that there are four ways to expand the production of its products: external commissioned processing, rental of idle equipment, purchase of second-hand / or idle equipment, purchase of new equipment. Dongguan circuit board processing

Comparison of four different extension pathways: see Table 1. It must be pointed out that although the four extension methods have their own advantages, they are both feasible and effective for extension. One can choose one way or several ways according to their actual situation and use (or string) to achieve rapid and low-cost expansion.

It should also be pointed out that the evaluation of these four different extension methods in Table 1 is based on the general situation. In general, some of the advantages and disadvantages are relative. When people choose, they must Actually proceed, to do specific treatment and disposal.

For example, in the first way, if the selected outsourcing unit is honest and law-abiding, there will be no problem of technical compromise/cloning of the processed product.

In the third way, if there is a good opportunity, the equipment that is purchased can also be satisfied and meet the needs of the future. The fourth way. If the equipment is not imported from abroad, but the domestically produced similar or similar equipment, the investment cost will be reduced by 20-40% compared with the imported equipment. The process support and technical training are often better than the sales because of the localization characteristics. In the external transfer of agents, not only the investment risk is greatly reduced, but even if the SMT professional process strength is weak, its products can be safely launched and put into production quickly. For example, the TH series automatic desktop reflow soldering machine (for multi-variety, small batch) of Beijing Aerospace Huatai Electronic Technology Research Institute has sold more than 400 sets in four years, STP-200 tubular printing machine of Shanghai Modern Technology Development Co., Ltd. (for through-hole reflow soldering process), sold nearly 60 units within three years; HZ series reflow soldering machine of Chengdian Yima Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Electronic Science and Technology University Electromechanical General Factory) (can be used for large, Medium and small batch production), nearly 120 units have been sold so far. Dongguan computer motherboard processing these are all evidence of better localization of imported equipment than imported equipment.

In short, we believe that as long as the decision-making level of the extension unit can proceed from the actual situation of the unit (such as the speed and length of product opportunities, the size of production, the level of product technology, the amount of unit funds, the weakness of technology and management, The unit's self-development planning, etc., and the current status of the domestic SMT industry, after comprehensive analysis and comparison, the board processing and overall planning take into account and decide (if necessary, SMT experts and economists should be hired), you can achieve scientific decision-making and return Rapid and generous (that is, not only for the rapid expansion of the product, the amount of input is small, the profit is the fastest, the largest and can effectively promote the sustainable development and rapid growth of the self).

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