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R&D engineering

It has a stable and professional R&D engineering team of 98 people, including 41 senior and middle-level software and hardware R&D engineers, all of whom are from the R&D engineering department of Taiwanese wireless communication and electronics manufacturing plants. They have rich R&D and engineering experience. There are 57 technicians, or from Taiwanese electronics manufacturers, or have been training at the grassroots level for many years. Technical teams work together, and technology exchanges and mutual learning are commonplace.

Equipment Exhibition

The existing production equipment and production technology have reached the advanced level of domestic and foreign counterparts. The main production equipment includes the US DEK automatic printing machine, Siemens D series high-speed placement machine, and the heller thirteen temperature zone reflow oven. It can mount 0201 and 01005 patch components, as well as BGA with a pitch of 0.3mm and high precision. It also has AOI, X-RAY, 3D solder paste thickness gauge, visual routing boarder, V-CUT. Sub-board and other related equipment. Has a strong comprehensive processing capacity.

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