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Dongguan Jinglin Communication Technology Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan Jinglin Communication Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in SMT, PCBA assembly and OEM processing and manufacturing services for various electronic products. The existing production equipment and production technology have reached the advanced level of domestic and foreign counterparts. The main production equipment includes the US DEK automatic printing machine, Siemens D series high-speed placement machine, and the heller thirteen temperature zone reflow oven. It can mount 0201 and 01005 patch components and BGA with a pitch of 0.3mm and high precision. It also has AOI, X-RAY, 3D solder paste thickness gauge, visual routing boarder, V-CUT. Board and other related equipment. Has a strong comprehensive processing capacity.

In order to improve the company's core competitiveness, the Shenzhen R&D and Marketing Center was established in October 2015, which is mainly responsible for the front-end R&D and marketing of PCBA boards. There are 12 R&D engineers and 20 related employees. It can meet the R&D and debugging of public and consumer products.


At present, the company's main customers are: ZTE, TCL, Dongju, Gigabyte, Lenovo, Coolpad, Zhengyi (Fugang), Guangbao Wentai, Jiahe and so on.
The main service areas include consumer electronics, network communications, and computer peripheral products. Such as mobile phone motherboards, car DVD motherboards, computer motherboards, printer motherboards, LCD TV motherboards, digital camera motherboards, Bluetooth headset motherboards, etc.,
its terminal products are marketed in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and other countries and regions.


The company's business philosophy:

forge ahead, innovation, customer first, quality service

company quality policy:

full participation, scientific management, excellence, customers satisfaction

Development history

We have been striving for development, continuous innovation, continuous improvement

Hotline:+86 769-82325116

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